Our Classic Shed Style

We know that your backyard is the place where you can relax and unwind. The last thing you want is to have a bulky, unattractive structure taking up space in your yard. That's why we offer a classic shed style that is perfect for your backyard! Our incredible sheds are affordable and will help you get the most out of your backyard space. No matter if you are looking for something larger to store lawn equipment or something small to store only a few things, we have the perfect shed for you!

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Why Choose Our Garden Style Sheds

A classic shed is a staple for almost any backyard. It’s the perfect place to store items that aren’t being used and will help to free up space in your house. Our garden sheds are affordable, sturdy, and durable, so you know it will be able to withstand the outdoor elements. All of our sheds come with a 30-year architectural shingles warranty, two windows, and two gable vents to help reduce condensation. We include LP radiant barriers in the ceilings of all our structures which help to keep your shed cooler in the summer while also increasing light reflectivity for a brighter building.

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Our Tool Sheds are a Great Investment

Tool sheds are much more than just a place to store items that could be ruined if left out in the elements, they are also a great investment for your property’s value. On some occasions, it’s been shown that a shed can increase the value of your home by up to $20,000. Even better, you can opt for one of our many interior options for your new garden shed including lofts, cabinets, work benches and more. This additional option can allow your shed to be transformed into a workshop, studio, or office, adding even more value.

We know that when adding something to your property, you want it to match your existing structures. That’s why we offer 12 vinyl colors, 21 painted colors, and 7 wood stain choices as siding options for your classic shed. With our wide range of siding choices, you will be able to perfectly compliment your current home exterior design.

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Choose a Classic Shed as your Storage Solution

Whether you need a classic shed for storage or want to add an easily accessible workshop to your home, Pleasant View Structures can help! We offer numerous styles of sheds in many different sizes so you will find the perfect size for your needs. Pair it with window boxes, shutters, dormers and more to truly personalize it.

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0'x14' Classic with Transom Windows in Doors

10'x14' Classic Shed

12'x20' Classic with Double Round Top Door and Copper Top Cupola

12'x20' Classic Shed

10'x16' Classic with Dormer

10'x16' Classic Shed

10'x12' Classic with Single Round Top Door

10'x12' Classic Shed

12'x16' Classic Painted Board & Batten with Optional Dormer

12'x16' Board & Batten

10'x12' Classic - Painted Wood Lap Siding

10'x12' Classic Wood Shed

10'x16' Classic - Painted with Optional Shed Dormer & Transom Windows in Doors

10'x16' Classic Wood Shed

10'x16' Vinyl Classic with Stone Front

10'x16' Classic Vinyl Shed

10'x14' Vinyl Classic with Round Top Doors

10'x14' Classic Vinyl Shed

12'x16' Vinyl Classic

12'x16' Classic Vinyl Shed

10'x12' Classic Vinyl Shed

10'x12' Classic Vinyl Shed

10’ x 14’ Classic Painted Board & Batten w/ Optional Dormer

10'x14' Board & Batten

10'x12' Classic Vinyl Shed

10'x12' Classic Vinyl Shed

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